alrasoolfoundation140X61Al Rasool Foundation was founded in year 2015 by Mr.Rasool and his wife spending their own assets, energies and utilizing the skills they have learnt in their life. The idea for the formation of this foundation was came into being during their visit to indonesia in 2014. This travel was  more likely converted to a case study of the lives of street children, orphans and poor family in java. During their road travel in Indonesia the couple have decided to spend their earning not only to give a happy life to their own kids but to share with those who do not have parents or their parents can not afford.The objective of this foundation is to take care of these kids in a family like environment and make them ready for a practical life with good education and useful skills.

the founder of AL RASOOL Foundation, an  IT master graduate and engineer by profession served several years in the same industry and moved to establish business, as an entrepreneur, with Read More
Co Founder
the co-founder of AL RASOOL Foundation is a professional teacher for daycare and nursery schooling. In support to dress up their dream she started  to simplify the life of her Read More
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