• Family life for orphans

    Family life for orphans

  • Education and Training side by side

    Education and Training side by side


Al Rasool foundation founded in 2015 is supporting the orphans, homeless street children and poor families for several years with financial and material support and here comes we one step ahead to start working for the provision of home like family life style to the orphans and poor widows in a very remote area of java timur (East java).  Alhamd o LILLAH we are going to establish an orphanage that will be run by the mothers not by the untrained staff.

Our children will get not only religious, traditional  and vocational education but will learn the professional skills as well with the help of modern technologies and techniques in their field of interest to earn the halal living, buildup and support their families.

We at Al-Rasool invite you to be the part of our family.



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